There's More Than One Way To Do It

Hey look! Something new! (I know, I'm as stunned as you are.)

It's “Getting Started with Perl,” a little document I send to friends that want to begin using Perl. Hope it's useful.

And now the stuff that's been here since late last century...

Looking for the Win32::ASP Perl module? Get it in .tar.gz format or as a zip file. (You can also get it from CPAN.)

Here are a couple of other items from one of my talks at OSCON (the O'Reilly Open Source Convention):

  • An example of using Perl as a Windows logon scripting language (without requiring Perl on the client).
  • The lowly, humble beginnings of the Win32::Printers module, including an example script that exercises it.

To use these files, download them, expand them with subdirectories intact, then just poke around the included files. There's very little documentation at this point, so send me a note if you need help.

—Bill Odom (wnodom on tmtowtdi com)